The One

Andrew Beaver

Kimberly exceeded all of our expectations and found us our dream home soon after we switched to her from our prior real estate agent (who showed us ~50 homes that we weren’t interested in). She is an AMAZING real estate agent, and we can confidently say that we would never have found our first home without her– and our offer would never have been accepted without her go-getter attitude and immense efforts on our behalf.

Before meeting Kimberly, we searched all over San Diego and started to lose hope that we would find a quality, detached, centrally-located, 3+ bedroom house within our budget. Kimberly introduced us to a neighborhood that our first real estate agent had not even suggested to us, despite the fact that it was everything we were asking for. Her many years of experience means she truly knows the neighborhoods of San Diego as well as its real estate industry.

When we realized that we found “the one,” Kimberly formulated a successful strategy for our offer which allowed us to get the house, despite stiff competition and a seller who was thinking about withdrawing from the real estate market. She was always reliable and in communication with us throughout the entire process of making our offer and going through escrow.

Kimberly’s expertise boosted our confidence. Her work-driven personality and customized focus allowed her to quickly get a feel for our taste and make accurate recommendations on properties. She quickly spotted the best and worst features of every home that we viewed. She is honest and never once pressured us into making an offer. She is also positive, personable and fun, which was key to helping ease our stress associated with purchasing a first home. Since she only takes on a few clients at a time, she gave us the appropriate attention and focus we needed– including modifying her schedule to work around ours.

It’s also thanks to Kimberly’s recommendation that we found an amazing lender who gave us the absolute best rate we came across and was the most trustworthy (we had been previously referred to two other lenders who both offered us exceedingly high interest rates and/or points).

We will forever be grateful to Kimberly for helping us find our first home. We will definitely work with her for any future real estate purchase/sale.