Capable and Organized

Andrew Beaver

Kimberly helped my wife and I buy and sell our first home. In both cases, Kimberly provided the best possible service. We were in a rush both times. When we were buying, my wife was 7-months pregnant, and, when we were selling, we had to move across the country for a job in a couple months. So in both cases we really needed someone capable and organized, which Kimberly certainly is.

When buying, Kimberly learned exactly what we wanted and joined us in an intense search for the perfect home. She usually knew which homes we would like and dislike even before we did (and we saw many homes all over San Diego). We honestly felt like we had a close friend along with us, but it was better than that because she knows the value of a home (not just what a house costs) and can identify the worthwhile features. She helped us negotiate the initial offer and many changes throughout the process in order to get the deal we wanted.

As sellers, Kimberly knew exactly what items we should focus on to get the house ready to sell so we didn’t waste the equity we had built. The photographer she arranged was top notch and the listing and advertisements looked great. We had a viewing on the first day we were on the market, with multiple viewings and offers in the first week so we could pick the best buyer. Due to Kimberly’s guidance, we closed in 35 days after listing and made a rather large profit on the transaction.

I think the key thing to note about Kimberly is that she knows real estate very well and she communicates with you right away. Whenever she had new information, she shared it with us immediately so we never had to chase her down. She always had many excellent recommendations, which she only shared when we asked or when she thought it was essential. I’m 100% positive you will also have a great experience working with Kimberly.